Investments in Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

At the end of 2017, the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption in Poland was 11%. As per the agreements in the European Union in 2010, Poland has obligated itself to reach the level of 15% by 2020.

Polski Fundusz Rozwoju aims to support the implementation of this ambitious goal. Therefore, our offer includes tools supporting investments in:

  • RES system construction projects ("RES projects"),
  • clean-tech projects, e.g. Polish producers in the RES sector and owners of technologies used in the implementation of RES projects,
  • adaptation and modernization of the necessary infrastructure support for the development of RES projects,
  • implementation of local government RES initiatives, especially but not limited to the field of heating.

When considering an investment in RES, we refer to the following criteria:

  • increasing the country's energy independence without displacing native energy carriers,
  • promoting, where possible, technologies enabling maximization of the actual availability of RES with regard to the installed capacity and based on domestic energy carriers,
  • building, maintaining and improving the necessary competences in the country enabling long-term investment support for RES projects,
  • development of the domestic market of producers and service providers related directly and indirectly to the RES sector.


Examples of technologies which we want to invest in:



Heating and cooling
biomass boilers, RDF, biogas / biomethane / biohydrogen systems


HVO systems, biomethane systems (also bio-CNG and bio-hydrogen)


Power engineering
wind farms (offshore and onshore), photovoltaic systems, associated wind and voltaic systems, biogas (cogeneration) and biomethane systems

Our offer is addressed to:

  • financial investors,
  • industry investors,
  • individual investors,
  • RES project developers,
  • construction companies experienced in RES project implementation,
  • producers/owners of RES technologies or RES related
  • local governments (with regard to securing the energy/heating needs of residents, as well as as part of waste disposal),
  • RES system operators.

We encourage investors to cooperate with us.