Mieszkanie Plus is a program for building affordable flats for rent, with the option of ownership. We implement investments under this program on market terms, within areas belonging to local government units and private investors with the participation of a fund managed by PFR Nieruchomości S.A..

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to all social groups. However, we primarily want to improve the situation of young families and thus help them decide to have children. The purpose of this program is also to increase the mobility of Poles and increase flexibility on the labor market. Local government authorities know the situation on the housing market best - therefore, we establish the rental criteria with their participation.

PFR Nieruchomości specifies the minimum ability of tenants to pay rent on time. On this basis, together with local authorities, we calculate the amount of rent, also referring to capital expenditure - in particular the cost of land, construction and funding.

So far, we have commissioned 480 apartments in three cities: Biała Podlaska, Kępno and Jarocin. In 2019, we plan to commission more flats in: Gdynia, Wałbrzych and Kępice. In total, over 400 housing investments are being analyzed.

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A few facts about the Mieszkanie Plus program:

  • wide target group: over 40% of Poles;
  • modern buildings with interesting architecture and urban planning;
  • flexible rental terms, including the option of apartment ownership;
  • partner-based cooperation with the market, ensuring investors a market rate of return;
  • use of new technologies, e.g. modern prefabrication;
  • cost effectiveness, based on i.a. economies of scale and standardized solutions;
  • attractive rents.



of flats delivered to tenants


of flats under construction

16 700

of flats at the design stage

30 000

of flats with guaranteed financing

113 000

of flats is the potential of the land earmarked for the program


of tenants who have already moved in