PFR for Cities is an innovative program whose main purpose is to support the development of Polish smart cities of the future. The solutions within the scheme are to improve the quality of life, facilitate the running of everyday matters for their residents, and to provide support in the effective management of the entire infrastructure.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to representatives of cities who are interested in:

  • acquiring or expanding their knowledge on the development of smart cities (at home and abroad);
  • increasing the number of implementations of innovative solutions in local goverment,
  • facilitating the access to financing of this type of investments.

Above all, we want to improve the situation of the local government units and, therefore, help them to take the initiative in the implementation of innovative solutions in their cities. The aim of the scheme is also to improve the quality of life in the Polish cities.


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The program includes:

  1. Urban Innovation Database - inspiring examples of the best Polish and foreign solutions facilitating everyday life in the city;
  2. Academy of the Cities of Future - an innovative, intense (and free-of-charge) educational program whose next edition is addressed at representatives of Polish mid-sized cities (between 50 and 100 thousand residents);
  3. Financial and non-financial support of the implementation of innovative solutions in cities.

Additionally, the Urban Innovation Database can be supplemented by the representatives, who upload their own projects, implemented on their initiative or in their cities.


We inspire

people to get to know urban innovations in Poland and around the world

We organise

training in the creation of cities of the future

We finance

the implementation of innovative solutions