Polish Development Fund is a group of financial and advisory institutions for entrepreneurs, local governments and individuals investing in the sustainable social and economic development of the country.

Our priorities include: infrastructure investments, innovations, entrepreneurship development, export and foreign expansion of Polish enterprises, support for local governments, implementation of the Employee Capital Plans program and handling foreign investments.

We ensure effective coordination of development programs on the basis of a uniform strategy and integrated channels of contact with entrepreneurs, local governments and individual clients.

We work for mutual success

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„When aligned around shared values and united in a common mission, ordinary people accomplish extraordinary results.”

PFR capital group in numbers

The Polish Development Fund Group can be proud of its outstanding achievements. We stand out from other development institutions in Europe and around the world.



21,6 PLN bn

invested in the development of Polish companies and economy

2,4 PLN bn

invested in housing projects (Mieszkanie Plus)

240 PLN m

in foreign investments

800 PLN m

in Venture Capital funds supporting Polish start-ups

11,5 m

potential participants in the Employee Capital Plans program


products supporting entrepreneurs and local governments

1 title

of the Economic Forum Company of the Year in Krynica

Development institutions

Polish Development Fund S.A.

Polish Development Fund S.A. (Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A.) is the strategic centre of the PFR Group. It is a state-owned company. The goal of PFR S.A. is to provide, within a single platform of development instruments, efficient tools to increase the investment and economic potential of Poland.

The development institution model was developed in February 2017 under the implementation of the Strategy for Responsible Development. The main task of PFR S.A. is to coordinate the cooperation of all Group entities.

PFR S.A. is also an integrated information centre for entrepreneurs, local governments and individuals interested in development instruments. The company helps choose from over 100 products of Polish development institutions. It operates in accordance with the best international standards.

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PFR Ventures sp. z o.o.

PFR Ventures offers repayable financing to innovative SMEs through selected financial intermediaries such as venture capital funds or business angels. It is the largest fund of funds in Central and Eastern Europe. Investing in the fund of funds formula with the use of knowledge and experience of the best managers has led to an effective financing model and provided a market approach according to the best business practices.

PFR Ventures currently manages five different funds: PFR Starter, PFR Biznest, PFR Otwarte Innowacje (OI), PFR KOFFI and PFR NCBR CVC. The offer of each of them is dedicated to companies at different stages of development: from the earliest phase (preseed) to the growth and expansion phase, and it provides for different amounts of financing.

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PFR Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A.

PFR TFI S.A.is a company operating on a commercial basis. It specializes in establishment and management of closed-end investment funds. Investment policy is oriented towards alternative assets, for example real estate, infrastructure projects, private equity or venture capital. The scope of activity of PFR TFI S.A. covers the establishment and management of investment funds.

PFR TFI is also one of the institutions offering and managing the Employee Capital Plans. Its role in the new system will be further extended with the function of a designated institution.

The key task of PFR TFI as a designated institution will be to provide employers and employees with full access to the offer of ECPs. PFR TFI will not be able to refuse to set up a program for a particular company. This means that PFR TFI will be ready to conclude an agreement on the management of the ECPs with each employer.

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PFR Nieruchomości S.A.

PFR Nieruchomości S.A. improves the potential of the national housing market by implementing investments of significant importance to local communities. The company's mission is to increase the availability of apartments for rent, also for lower-income families.

The offer of PFR Nieruchomości under the Mieszkanie Plus program is addressed to all social groups. The program assumes, among other things, the construction of affordable apartments for rent, with an option to own them. Residential investments are carried out on market terms on properties currently owned by local government units and private investors, using financing from a fund governed by PFR Nieruchomości S.A.

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PFR Portal PPK sp. z o.o.

PFR Portal PPK is a part of the Group of Polish Development Fund. It is responsible for conducting the activities specified in the Act on Employee Capital Plans. Our mission is to collect and provide information on the functioning of ECPs, so that the newly introduced savings system is implemented to the most effective extent possible.

The company's activity is primarily related to the website www.mojeppk.pl, the only official source of information on the functioning of Employee Capital Plans. As part of portal management, the institution provides necessary information to employers, employees and financial institutions, presents offers of financial institutions and informs the public on trainings and conferences.

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Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A.

Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu operates on the principles of a commercial law company, performing at the same time the tasks of a governmental institution. For over 28 years, it has played an important role in increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy, by supporting enterprises in running and developing their activities, as well as in the implementation of restructuring processes.

As part of its competences, the company implemented, among others, steel mill financial restructuring program, a program carried out with regard to the Act on compensation proceedings in entities of special significance for the Polish shipbuilding industry, and the government program "ARP S.A. support for initiatives stimulating the Polish economy."

The main subject of activity is the area of funding of business entities and the management of property of the State Treasury in the form of shares and stocks of companies. Due to its many years of experience and exceptional competences in the Polish market, ARP has developed an individual approach to project assessment that helps perceive  business opportunities in areas that others consider not attractive or too risky.

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Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych S.A.

KUKE is a Polish insurance company set up by the state to support the export activities of Polish enterprises. It is part of the PFR Group. The State Treasury represented by the Prime Minister and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego are the shareholders.

It offers services ensuring safe trade exchange in Poland and abroad. Over its more than 28 years of activity, it has been oriented towards insuring receivables from the sale of goods and services with deferred payment, as well as providing insurance guarantees.

As the only insurer in Poland to do so, it offers export insurance guaranteed by the State Treasury, ensuring security in trade in markets of high political risk. Similarly, as the only institution to do so in the country, KUKE insures long-term export projects of an investment nature, financed by loans with a repayment period of two years or more.

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KUKE Finance S.A.

KUKE Finance is a factoring company that is a member of the Polish Factors Association - a national federation of companies providing factoring services.

The company initiated its operations in November 2014. The purpose of the activity is to finance foreign and domestic receivables under all the types of factoring available in the market, with particular emphasis on full factoring, i.e. taking over the risk of a contractor's insolvency. In ooperation with KUKE, the company helps companies not only improve financial liquidity, but above all comprehensively manage their portfolio of receivables.

The offer is addressed to enterprises providing sales with deferred payment, mainly from the SME sector. Services offered by KUKE Finance S.A. are addressed to entrepreneurs searching for the financial support needed to further develop their activity.

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Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu S.A.

Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu is a central state institution responsible for support for the export of Polish enterprises and attracting the best foreign investments.

The company's goal is to operate with regard to the promotion of Poland and the Polish economy, including supporting foreign expansion of Polish entrepreneurs, acquiring and servicing foreign investors, handling Polish investments in Poland, and promoting and developing innovation in Poland. PAIH guides investors through all necessary administrative and legal procedures during the project implementation. It also supports companies that are already operating in Poland. It offers quick access to comprehensive information on the economic and legal environment of the investment, assistance in searching for appropriate partners and suppliers, or locations.

As a public institution responsible for Poland's economic promotion abroad, it provides its patronage for a number of events organized in Poland and abroad. Due to the scope of PAiH's activities, these are primarily high-profile economic events.

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Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości (PARP) is a central administration body. Its goal is to implement economic development programs that support the innovation and research activities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), regional development, export growth, human resources development and use of new technologies in business activities.

PARP manages funds from the state budget and the European Union that are dedicated for the support of small and medium enterprises and the development of human resources. Its mission is to develop economic conditions in which entities will be able to develop freely, undertake various initiatives, launch innovative products and apply modern solutions, to make all activities undertaken by entrepreneurs safe and environmentally friendly.

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Selected projects

  • PFR for Cities
  • Employee Capital Plans
  • Apartment Plus  
  • Start in Poland 
  • Mentor Network
  • Package for Medium Cities
  • startup.pfr.pl
  • PFR School of Pioneers Program
  • Innovation Network Program
  • Polish Technological Bridges
  • Foreign Trade Offices
  • Foreign Expansion Fund