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Insurance of Direct Investments Abroad

Type of funding

Type of funding

Insurance and guarantees

For whom

For whom

SMEs, Large companies

Date of availability

Date of availability


What you get

Think about the security of your investment and protect yourself from political risks.

What do you need to know?

Some common ways of expanding into foreign markets are:

  • acquisition of a company;
  • starting production abroad;
  • opening of a distribution company.

Insurance of direct investments abroad offered by the Export Credit Insurance Corporation S.A. (KUKE) can protect the outlays borne by Polish investors against losses caused by risky political events in investment countries.

What are the requirements to be met?

It is enough if your company is based in the territory of Poland or you live in Poland.

How to use the product?

  1. call the hotline or send a message to the address provided;
  2. after contacting the consultant, send the necessary documents;
  3. wait for verification and contact from KUKE to arrange a contract;
  4. sign the contract.

Additional information

Entrepreneurs from Mazowieckie voivodship are asked to please contact our office in Warsaw:
(22) 108 99 70 or 801 060 106
[email protected]
ul. Krucza 50, 00-025 Warszawa

We also invite you to our regional offices. Details on the webpage.