Paweł Borys

President of the Management Board

President of the Management Board of Polish Development Fund

President of the Management Board of Polish Development Fund


He graduated from the Department of Finance and Banking of the Warsaw School of Economics, with a major in international financial markets.

He combines his professional career with theoretical studies in the fields of finance, banking and economics. From 2001 to 2005, a research fellow at the Warsaw School of Economics where he studied the theory of economic convergence and the relationship between the financial sector and economic growth. Authored multiple publications and press articles dedicated to banking, investments, capital markets, and economy. Certified to sit on supervisory boards of Treasury-owned companies.

Professional career

He specializes in investments, management, macroeconomic analyses, strategic and financial planning, as well as company restructuring. He managed large teams and complex projects covering the development and implementation of growth strategies for companies and financial institutions.

He started his career in 2000 as the chief economist at the Erste Bank Group in Poland. At this stage of his career he developed macroeconomic forecasts for the Polish economy and financial market analyses. He successfully managed the IPO process of an IT company at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

As of 2001, head of the Analyses Department managing funds, and then Investment Director for the funds managed by the Deutsche Bank Group - Deutsche Asset Management and DWS - the second largest asset management organization in the world. He created the first small and medium businesses fund in Poland, the DWS TOP25, and the first external index at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He managed the pension funds for the leading Polish financial institutions, including the National Bank of Poland and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Double recipient of the best investment fund performance award in Poland.

From August 2005 to April 2010, he co-developed a Polish company specializing in private equity and venture capital investments, as the Vice-President of the investment and advisory company, AKJ Capital S.A., and the President of the Management Board of AKJ Investment TFI. He completed eight investments in companies at various stages of their development, including the comprehensive restructuring of the logistics company, Grupa Pekaes S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, invested in the IT company, CUBE CR S.A. (currently CUBE ITG S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange), and implemented a new development strategy for SAD Sp. z o.o., the market representative of Apple Inc. in Poland.

From May 2010 to April 2016, Managing Director at PKO Bank Polski S.A., responsible for economic analysis, strategy and group development, as well as investor relations. Took part in the process of developing and implementing two development strategies for PKO BP S.A., which resulted in the significant strengthening of the bank’s position as market leader in Poland (by almost 3 percentage points), modernized the operating procedures and the bank’s image, implemented leading technological solutions in the payments and electronic banking areas, and reorganized the group structure. Successfully managed the restructuring process of Kredobank in the Ukraine, the implementation of the strategic alliance between the US payments company, EVO Payments International, and eService S.A., the acquisition and integration of Nordea Bank Polska S.A., the implementation of a new sales model for insurance products at PKO BP S.A., including through the establishment of an insurance company, and the development of a new economic and market analysis organization within the bank. Member of the Assets and Liabilities Management Committee. He coordinated the process of restructuring and initiating the key Polish energy sector investments in Opole, Jaworzno and Kozienice.

As of 1 May 2016, the CEO of the Polish Development Fund. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

Maintains a broad network of relationships with international investors and financial institutions, and has extensive corporate experience through work on 18 supervisory boards of Polish and foreign companies, including three banks, an insurance company, and an investment funds company.

Formerly a member of the Stock Exchange Index Committee at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a member of the Go Global Program Council. In 2013, the Sukces magazine named him one of the best Polish managers before 40.

Personal life

Married, with three children. Son of Professor Tadeusz Borys, Polish economist specializing in statistical science, quality theory and sustainable development, and Professor Grażyna Borys, whose scientific field of expertise includes banking and accounting.

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