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Local Government Investment Fund

Type of funding

Type of funding

Capital investments

For whom

For whom

Local Government

Amount of support

Amount of support

PLN 10-120 million

Territorial range

Territorial range


Date of availability

Date of availability


What you get

Take advantage of the rich offer of the fund, which is a capital investor in municipal companies co-financing local government projects.

What do you need to know?

The Polish Development Fund offers the following financial instruments:

  • venture capital/shareholder;
  • shareholder/shareholder loan;
  • subordinated debt to bank financing (mezzanine, second lien).

Local governments make their selection the fund as a partner via competitive procedures.

Main sectors: public utility tasks and own tasks of local government units (JST), including mainly roads, streets, bridges, sewage, social infrastructure, waste management, collective transport, heating, health. Local governments can also raise funds for sports infrastructure, business infrastructure or urban infrastructure.

Investment type:

  • taking up new shares/shares of existing municipal companies;
  • taking up new shares/shares of special purpose vehicles with the participation of JST/municipal companies;
  • acquisition of new or acquired existing shares of companies investing in the PPP model;
  • lending to the partner to entities;
  • granting subordinated debt financing to entities;
  • purchase of the right to use the shares of municipal companies from JSTs, through its vehicle applications;
  • acquisition of shares of existing municipal companies from JSTs

Preferred investment period: 15-20 years.

Commitment (value): min. PLN 10 million, max.120 million PLN.

What are the requirements to be met?

Local Government Units and Partners in PPP projects may benefit from the Fund.

How to use the product?

The first stage is to contact the fund's portfolio management company, PFR TFI. . This can be done via hotline or via the contact form. Local governments make their selection of the Fund as a partner in competitive procedures.

Additional information

Details of the program, along with a link to the application form, can be found on the website.