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Support for Social Housing

Type of funding

Type of funding

Credit, subsidy

For whom

For whom

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, local government, private persons

Territorial range

Territorial range


Date of availability

Date of availability


What you get

The support for social housing is preferential and market financing of housing investments addressed to, inter alia, Social Housing Companies (TBSs), housing cooperatives and municipal companies. Depending on your needs and whether you are an investor, municipality or renter, you can take advantage of a credit, grant or supplement payments to the rent.

What do you have to know?

The social housing financing instruments, such as credits under the Social Rental Housing (SBC) programme and credits for construction, may be used by:

  • Social Housing Companies (TBSs),
  • housing cooperatives,
  • municipal companies.

Financing from the Social Rental Housing programme may be used for the implementation of housing investments, i.e. the development of:

  • flats for rent with a statutory limited rental rate,
  • housing cooperative renter flats,
  • through the construction of the new building(s) or the revitalisation/renovation of the building(s) and its adaptation for the housing purposes.

The credits for construction can be used to finance or refinance housing investments, i.e. developing:

  • flats for rent and cooperative renter flats with a moderate rate of rent/service charge,
  • flats for rent and co-operative renter flats with an option of buying out/coming into ownership.

through the construction of the new building(s) or the revitalisation/renovation of the building(s) and its adaptation for the housing purposes.

Furthermore, a municipality may apply for a non-refundable grant from the Rent Supplement Payment Fund, which can be used to supplement the financial engineering of the project covered by the credit.

Alternatively, the renters of the social housing may receive a direct support in the form of supplement payments to the rent under the Mieszkanie dla Młodych (MdM; Flat for the Young) programme.

What benefits do you get?

The support for the social housing provided by BGK includes:

  • a low cost of financing (WIBOR 3M without any margin in the case of SBC credits, WIBOR and a low margin in the case of credits for construction);
  • a long, maximum 30-year financing period;
  • the possibility of financing up to 80% of the investment cost;
  • a credit that does not burden the municipal debt ratios;
  • the possibility of financing flats with an accompanying infrastructure;
  • a non-refundable support for a municipality up to 20% of the investment cost;
  • the possibility of providing support to renters in the form of rent supplement payments.

What requirements do you have to fulfil?

The support for rental housing is addressed to those having creditworthiness:

  • social housing companies,
  • housing cooperatives,
  • municipal companies, other than Social Housing Companies (TBSs).

The detailed terms of using the support are available on the websites: credits, grants, supplement payments to rents.

How to use the product?

If you are interested in an offer related to a support from the social housing, please contact the Housing Programmes Division of BGK: sekretariatDFM@bgk.pl or 0-22 475 82 75.

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