Central House of Technology opens its doors

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Central House of Technology opens its doors

Engaging activities for children and the youth, workshops for adults, seniors, and whole families, and cyclical exhibitions related to latest trends and pioneer solutions – all of it awaits guests of the Central House of Technology. The House is a place where the open mind, science, technology and business intertwine with one another. The newly opened educational and scientific space for all generations is housed in the beating heart of Warszawa, in one of the most symbolic buildings of the capital city with rich history – the Central Department Store (thereafter known as "Smyk"), ul. Krusza 50.

Educational activities, exhibitions and special events of the Central House of Technology combine theoretical knowledge with creativity and practice. The facility will popularise STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) methodology, which is a trend in education which develops interdisciplinary competences in the fields of: exact sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The range offered by the facility will supplement curricula; however, this place is not only for children and the youth, but also for anyone else who would like to learn more about trends where technology, science and business meet.

By establishing the Central House of Technology, we want to support all its visitors in their discovery and use of opportunities that new technologies provide and show them how much they contribute to our everyday life and economy. Digital competences developed at the House will contribute to the skills of adaptation to advances on the job market. Sometimes, the knowledge is missing on how to creatively use a specific skill in a completely new field. We want to change that

- says Paweł Borys, President of the Board at the Polish Development Fund.

At the Central House of Technology, adults will develop their digital competences and children will learn how to use their knowledge in practice. Thanks to it, we will shape future innovators – a foundation of the economic development of Poland based on new technologies. The facility also provides space for development and promotion for innovative Polish entrepreneurs or start-ups which have achieved international success - he adds.


Education and technologies under one roof

The opening exhibition takes the visitors to the world of “Utility technologies”. This is an interesting proposition for those who want to learn which technologies will be the quickest to change our everyday life. Towards the end of year, the exhibition will feature prototypes, innovative products and research projects which are developed by Polish start-ups and science clubs. Visitors can see and try out technological solutions and often publicly unavailable (as yet) products, and to get to know their mechanisms and principles of operation, all of the above free of charge.

By establishing the Central House of Technology, we wanted not only to create a physical space but also to build a dedicated community, irrespective of whether those people already had something to do with innovations or they were tech nerds who wanted to share their knowledge. When a student visits the facility, they become a motivated discoverer, and teacher, grandfather or parent – a real mentor

says Agata Nałęcz, President of the Board at PFR.

On the one hand, the Central House of Technology opens its doors for school trips, organised groups, families and other guests, and on the other for start-ups and inventors with which/whom it will organise exhibitions and workshops, as well as thematic meetings.

Hand in hand with the Polish Development Fund and Central House of Technology, innovators will be able to present their breakthrough solutions and products in the very heart of Warszawa. Similarly, we will join forces to organise industry meet-ups and hackathons and implement PFR programs developing ecosystems of start-ups and venture capital market in Poland – says Eliza Kruczkowska, Innovation Development Director at the Polish Development Fund.

For all the guests, the team of the Central House of Technology has prepared a rich educational offer in the spirit of STEAM. Throughout the September, the facility will host free thematic activities for individuals and intergenerational workshops for entire families. Aside from that, the Central House of Technology invites groups of student, teachers and educators for series of dedicated activities. The full range will be updated at cdt.pl.

The Central House of Technology was established on the initiative of the Polish Development Fund. It was created by the Polish Development Fund Foundation based on the concept and in cooperation with the PFR Innovation Development Department. The Strategic Partners of the Central House of Technology are the following companies: Bank Pekao S.A., Comarch S.A., Chmura Krajowa and Żabka. The partner of the educational path “Technology” is Allegro.

The operational partner is the Polish technological company Daftcode, the substantive consortium is established by the educational start-up Skriware, software development school Kids Code Fun and association Cyfrowy Dialog.

Central House of Technology
ul. Krucza 50, floor 1.
Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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