PFR, PKL and PZN launch the Polish SKI Master (PolSKI Mistrz) program – support for young skiers and snowboarders

PFR, PKL and PZN launch the Polish SKI Master (PolSKI Mistrz) program – support for young skiers and snowboarders

The Polish Cable Railways (PKL) Group, whose indirect owner is the Infrastructure Investment Fund, and whose investment portfolio is partly managed by the Polish Development Fund (PFR), has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Polish Ski Association (PZN). The agreement signed with PZN by PFR and PKL Group initiated the strategic program named the Polish SKI Master, aimed at supporting the development of downhill skiing and snowboarding in Poland.

Under the agreement signed, PFR, PKL and Gondola Cable Railway Jaworzyna Krynicka, support PZN financially in the implementation of the Polish SKI Master. PKL and Jaworzyna Krynicka make the sports ski routes in their centres available for PZN skiers and snowboarders to practice; the routes become the arena of competitions organised by PZN. The details of the Polish SKI Master were outlined at the press conference on 25 January 2020, during the Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane.

For many months, we have been talking to our partners at PZN about the method for tapping into the potential of the ski routes and sports infrastructure of the PKL Group centres. Thanks to the involvement of all the parties: PFR, PKL Group and PZN, we have developed the Polish SKI Master initiative. The program is our opportunity to train PZN skiers and snowboarders who, with the organisational and financial support by the PKL Group and its owner, will be prepared to compete for highest-level sports goals

- says Daniel Pitrus, President of the Board at PKL.

The Polish SKI Master lends itself perfectly to the PKL strategy, where the Polish Development Fund is the investor. It combines the business dimension, which is the development and promotion of the routes operated by PKL, with the social one, which is the support of Polish downhill skiing and snowboarding. PKL have a clearly defined development plan for the skiing centres, which aside from their general access to tourists and amateurs, will develop in the pursuit of a professional competitive base for Polish skiers and snowboarders. However, to be able to develop the Polish SKI Master program, it is necessary to modernise and adjust the skiing offer of the PKL centres, where Polish skiers and snowboarders train. We want them to have the best conditions to compete for highest-level goals. We assume long-term financial support of the scheme

- adds Paweł Borys, President of the Board at PFR.

The PKL Group grants access to the following ski routes to facilitate the Polish SKI Master:

  • on Kasprowy Wierch, on Palenica in Szczawnica (route 1);
  • on Jaworzyna Krynicka in Krynica Zdrój (route 5 FIS);
  • and on Mosorny Groń in Zawoja.

It also provides the technical infrastructure and covers the costs and expenses of preparing the routes.

The Polish SKI Master is to help achieve sports goals of Polish skiers and snowboarders and to improve the attractiveness of the PKL Group centres. The PKL Group routes are being constantly developed, as their snowing systems, protection and time measurement facilities are modernised and proper technical equipment is provided in accordance with the guidelines issued by FIS and PZN

- adds Patryk Białokozowicz, Member of the Board at PKL.

The aim of the Polish SKI Master is, above all else, the promotion of skiing and snowboarding among children and the youth, equal opportunities in the access to sports, as well as organisational and financial support to develop downhill skiing and snowboarding in Poland.

The potential of Polish Alpine skiing and snowboarding is enormous. We have several million skiers who ski recreationally, many historical successes and maybe not spectacular but noticeable successes of our representatives – Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel, Aleksandra Król or Oskar Kwiatkowski. We are hoping that the wider access to professional skiing and snowboarding, which is possible thanks to the cooperation with our partners, will contribute to even greater successes in the international arena and will allow us to host the most important sports events on our slopes

- sums up Apoloniusz Tajner, President of PZN.

PZN spend the financial support from the partners of the Polish SKI Master for the organisation of the national sports competition through a series of contests in the Youngster and Younger Junior categories (Youth Cup of Poland), as well as Junior and Senior categories (series of international FIS contests), as well as Polish Championship in Alpine skiing and snowboarding. The program also supports the training of the PZN National Staff in Alpine skiing and downhill snowboarding – the male and female staffs, including transport, remuneration for coaches and purchase of equipment.

The Polish SKI Master is a tangible support for clubs and young skiers. I'm happy that there is a program which will contribute to the development of skiing in Poland and its promotion, for instance through international competitions held at home. When I get over my injury, I will be able to train in Poland, where I intend to return to my skiing shape

- adds Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel, member of the Female National Staff.

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